12 April, 2010

Naming Your Domain - a TIP! Really!

Well, the recent news on getting a domain name going hard, to harder, and near to impossible - is finally affecting everyone - mostly those who don't have the  money for it. I'm with that group currently...

Anyway, I've come across a news article that tells some story of how domain naming is presently plaguing everyone, and not simply because you can't find a right name; it's when you do think of a name, and find that it's been taken, that's were the headache and anguish comes:
  • headache - that it is no longer available
  • anguish - that you don't have the money for it (to buy, especially if it is 'hijacked' by a domain squatter...)

But don't fret. Take the case of Flickr; when the group that started the company thought of the name, it wasn't that actually. It was Flicker, which is already taken. The guy who owns the domain doesn't want to sell, but the group wanted to use that name. The group brainstormed, till one of them decided to drop the 'e', making it Flickr - and the rest is history.

It is hstry afterwards, where vowels are dropped here and there.

For the full article, find that news article here.
Anyway, should you need help on finding a domain name, you can check this nifty apps: Find Me A Domain, by Eric Giguere.

Have you been affected by this recent 'domain name' plague, lately?

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