08 April, 2010

China blocking some Google search results

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I thought, how can it be possible? if the servers are already in Hong Kong, how can it still be 'meddled with'?

Beats me. But with an international issue like this, it makes us step back to ask why. Why is China so keen to get Google block some search results? Is China wanting to keep a 'clean slate' facade to the world? Everybody already knows what happened. Is China trying to keep from its local citizens what really happened, or how those past events are seen from the eyes of those not living in China, not controlled by China?

Whatever, read the news article here, and do leave your comments. You are most welcome!

Google has confirmed that the Chinese authorities have begun blocking certain terms from a local search engine, after the company said it would no longer censor results for those terms itself.

The Chinese government's Golden Shield, which uses Cisco routers to censor terms deemed inappropriate by the authorities, is filtering out sensitive search terms used on Google.co.hk, the search company told ZDNet UK on Tuesday.

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"Certain terms seem to be being blocked by the firewall," said a Google spokesperson, referring to the 'Great Firewall of China', the popular nickname for Golden Shield.

The Chinese government has not made any comment on whether it is blocking search terms on Google.com.hk. However, it has reacted to Google's actions, saying on Tuesday that the company was "totally wrong" to stop censoring its Chinese language search results, according to Chinese government portal Xinhua.

Source article is here.

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