08 April, 2010

Which country will technology impact most?

Cover of "Eagle Eye"Cover of Eagle Eye
When I saw this news, one movie came to my mind: Eagle Eye. What statement was I reminded of?

"...When the technology (or program) we have put in place that is supposed to protect us turns against us... we have Eagle Eye type of problem!

What's that latest news again? See it below:

"Several nations, most prominently Russia, the People's Republic of China and North Korea, are already assembling cyber armies and attack weapons that could be used to attack other nations. Given that the United States is heavily dependent on technology for everything from computer-based banking to supply-chain tracking and air-traffic control, it's particularly vulnerable to the denial-of-service attacks, electronic jamming, data destruction and software-based disinformation tricks likely in a cyberattack. Here's what ex-presidential adviser Richard Clarke, who is releasing a new book called Cyber War, and others are saying needs to be done to keep cyberwars from escalating into full-scale combat."

Now what's your take on this matter? Or you aren't affected at all?
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