16 April, 2010

Site of the week: www.tovisitornot.com

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Site of the week: www.tovisitornot.com

Do you have an online shopping addiction you need to do something about?

Or have you been obsessively checking your ex’s blog every five minutes? Tovisitornot.com can help rescue your money, time and sanity.

This website gives you a hand in breaking online addictions by limiting you to one visit within a designated period of time (say, 60 minutes).

When you try to access the site for a second time that hour, you are taken to an intervening webpage with text persuading you not to go there.

However, if you absolutely must, you can still give in to temptation after four clicks. This simple deterrent works by creating a new link from the website’s address for you to use in place of the usual one.

To Visit Or Not also helps you kick the habit by placing a timer above the website (some sites like Facebook prevent it from working, however) as a constant reminder of how long you have been there — its way of guilt-tripping you into leaving the site and, hopefully, doing something more constructive instead.

May Chua

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