09 April, 2010

One of my blogs was locked, but it is released now

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Last 30-March-2010, I was posting some articles, and one of the blogs that I was updating is my health blog.

I have posted my article (3 that time), and I was going through the 2nd round of update, which is putting in all the links and pictures, etc. I managed to update one post, then when I was updating and re-posting the second article, I got an error (404, etc.), which I didn't understand at first, so I retried 3 to 4 times.

When nothing worked, I gave up the updating, and after a while, I went to check my dashboard.

That was when I found out that my health blog was locked!

After the usual rounds of request, review and appeal, my blog was finally released back to me, and to the whole world wide web.

As it was the second time occurring (first one locked was my leadership learning blog, then my health blog), I was already wanting to know what could be the cause of my blog(s) being locked. I don't want to go through the same pain (and worry). The review process has 3 levels, and once you reached the 3rd level and you don't get your blog back, it can't be appealed anymore.

I was all too glad that my questions were all answered. It could be due to backlinking and attribution, which matters most when the article being posted is taken in its entirety, which I usually do. Sort of them saying, 'we don't allow plagiarism, even in the web, especially in our blogs.' We usually call it spamming...

Now that my blog is back, I am all the more careful with my blogging. I really hope that none of my blogs will be locked or suspended in the future.

Again, to the blogger team, many, many thanks!

(Did you have the same experience like me?)

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