07 April, 2010

Wondering if you site is hacked?

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Whether it is true or not, we who author or maintain a site sometimes wonder if our site has been hacked. This is one reality in the computer world that is as prevalent as the rising of the sun.Technology always has its pre-conceived good and benefit, and at the same time, there are those who manage to find the loopholes in the things we do, both in the idea itself, and the created things.

The Hacker Files.(protection against computer crimes): An article from: Security Management

Since there is no running away from this malady, especially all worldwide web users, there are ways and means to combat these malicious attacks, and stop these hackers before they inflict any damage. What's more, the damage they usually impose is unseen, (almost) unnoticeable, stealth, hidden and buried deep in your pages - what's more to say, is that they are very good in doing this - until the harm inflicted is almost a total devastation, if not a crippling one.

The intelligent threat. (special section - Computer-Information Security: Getting the Protection You Need): An article from: Security Management

Eric Giguere, in one of his articles, laid out a simple method to check if your site has been hacked (read: has been attacked without your knowing it). He has submitted it to Ezine articles, and you can find out how to easily do it. Yes, it is manual, but you can do it. It is for site authors or administrators of all levels, so simple that even a child can do it.

Computer networks under siege.(computer hackers)(Brief Article): An article from: Fairfield County Business Journal

Now, isn't that something to be thankful for? Help is within our grasp, and it is free.

Check it out: How To Tell If You Site Has Been Hacked.

May you be protected from the hackers.

Weaving a safety net: go beyond firewalls and content filters to soup up network protection--without busting your budget.(SAFETY & SECURITY): An article from: District Administration

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