15 April, 2010

Blogger in Draft: Facelifting my blogs

I spent more than half a day today doing face lift to my blogs - and I'm not done yet. I just happen to open up and see how my blogs look like, and I'm not impressed.

Anyway, Blogger in Draft is open for use, while it is still in the beta phase, and that is helping me a lot. It is just so easy selecting which template to use, going down to deciding how many sidebars you want - and where. You'll be able to change the fonts and their size and color afterwards.

Then you can choose the background you want to employ - if available.

Actually, what I liked the most is the arranging and re-arranging of the columns - which the guys doing the development are really doing a very, very good job. Well, kudos to all of you there making life easier for all of us bloggers.

I'd continue to use Blogger in Draft - I can't get enough of what is being offered, and I'm taking advantage at this very early stage of its development.

Bye for now, and till then!

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