06 April, 2010

31 Days to Build a Better Blog

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I have been blogging since 2006, I remember, and have posted a thousand articles, news items, health breakthroughs, issues and current affairs, monitored the H1N1 pandemic, heralded the return of comic characters in the TV, broadcasted upcoming films, and a million other things, and so far, I have not done a really good job in my blogging.

Anyway, help is on the way.

And I didn't even know it.

I have been subscribed to Problogger for quite some time, and I was just simply going through the articles whenever they arrived in my Inbox, not really taking things discussed there seriously. Until...

I thought that as my blog, while personal, is no longer private, as I've had some subscribers to two of my blogs, I woke up and realized that I had to make my blogging better. I cannot give junk and trash to other people, but I have to make someone's day, and, if ever it will happen, help them.

And as I said, that help is on the way, it really was. And was I simply paying attention, or what, I saw that 31DBBB was offered, from $39, to something like $19.95 or so, a price half of the original.

I've been seeing that ads at the bottom of the subscription mail sent everytime, but I thought to myself, another one of those...

I changed my mind, at the point when I saw the author's story, how he, just like me, years ago was not doing full time blogging. hey, I'm still not doing full time blogging now, I even sneak in some time in the office when it is just a slack time, so I can quickly type in some articles, just like this one. but "if he can, why can't I?", I thought to myself.

I'm really looking forward to doing some work (at home, if possible) where I can have my time to my self and not having to wake up early and rush to work, but will be doing what I really like best, and at the same time, help people while helping myself.

I've learned from one of my teachers back in my college days: browse through a book when reading. I did jsut that with 31 Days to Building a Better Blog, and what I found satisfied me: share to others what you learn from this book, in that one of the exercises mandates a 'search for a kindred blog, with the purpose of helping the author'.

Blogging for Fame and FortuneNow isn't that something just plain unselfish in this days of "mine, mine, mine; me, me, me"?

I don't get a dime mentioning that book in my blog, but if you wanted help just like me, look for it in their website: problogger.net. The offer may yet be available.

Happy blogging!

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