09 April, 2010

Test post using ScribeFire in Chrome

ChromiumImage via Wikipedia
I got the news from the mail that ScribeFire for Chrome is on the alpha version, and is needing testing.

So here I am testing that alpha version.

It turns out that you need to specify the URL of your blog, then furnish the user info, which means you have to do log-in. I think that is OK if you are only posting to a single blog. If you are posting to multiple blogs, what will happen? You will have to log-in to all those blogs.

If you have 10 blogs and you want to post to those 10 blogs, does it mean that you will have to open up 10 tabs in the Chrome browser so you can post to each single blog?

That is what I want to find out.

The font formatting works just fine, as you can see.

Care to join in the testing?
Let us know what's your discoveries!

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